Saturday, January 14, 2012

Christmas 2011

IMGP4973We kicked off the Christmas season with the Five Mile Prairie Pancakes with Santa.  Derek was really excited to sit on Santa’s lap this year. . . IMGP4975






Olivia was not!IMGP4977For Christmas Eve this year, my cousin rented out a local ice skating rink and all of my cousins and their kids met in the morning for some ice skating and foot hockey.  Derek and Olivia could not wait to skate.  Olivia kept telling people we were going ice skating.  But once she actually got her skates on, her tune really changed.  She ended up doing a lot of sitting on the bleachers.                                                    IMGP4996IMGP4997IMGP4994IMGP4995Derek started out grumpy and defeated but then he caught on and had a great time.  He threw a mammoth tantrum when it was time to go because he did not want to stop.IMGP5003IMGP4999IMGP5001   Ouch. IMGP5004

IMGP5005After skating we went to the church for some soup and play time with cousins.  My amazing cousin Kelly made these huge hula hoops.  Sydney and Addy were the hula hoop queens!                      IMGP5006                                    Christmas Eve night was spent at my mom’s house for the traditional dinner and nativity reenactment. 

IMGP5008IMGP5011                                   We were so glad to have Jordan and Kailee here so we could soak up some baby Georgia time before they headed off to see her family.


Carter played and Derek sang “Jingle Bells”IMGP5021IMGP5022IMGP5025IMGP5026IMGP5027Olivia wouldn’t pose in her new jammies so she grabbed cousin Brooklyn.  Derek was a big fan of his fire truck jammies.





Carter was the highlight of my Christmas this year.  He truly caught the spirit of giving.  Back in October, we were at an Other Mothers quarter sale and he bought this big truck and the stuffed sponge bob for his little siblings then he later bought a bedazzled Hannah Montana shirt for Sydney.IMGP5030The week before Christmas he was stressing because he didn’t have a gift for Garth.  I tried to tell him it was no big deal but he was not having that.  I dragged the kids along to Macy’s one day (in an effort to find jeans long enough for Garth) and Carter kept disappearing and coming up to me with different things asking if it was the right size or if he could afford it.  After many strike outs, he walked up with this golf shirt and it was perfect.  The right size, a brand Garth likes, and on mega clearance for $10.  Carter was thrilled and it was amazing to see his face light up when everyone opened their presents from him.  It was a proud mommy moment!IMGP5029IMGP5031001

Christmas day was spent going to church, playing with new toys and hanging out with the Hamilton’s up at the farm.  Then we came home to pack up the car to head to Canada in the morning.

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