Saturday, January 14, 2012

Big White Out


We headed to Big White the day after Christmas with Theresa and Tony.  I was a bit worried the skiing would be bad because they hadn’t gotten a ton of snow yet and a few of the chairs still weren’t open.  Luckily, it snowed on us the first day and continued to snow the whole time we were there. 

005We did presents in the condo with Grandma and Grandpa. 

006007027010What a sad Santa!030029028

Sydney loved this pot holder kit she got from Theresa.  They had fun making some very colorful hot pads!014Check out the new stairs at the condo!  After having to tear out their old ones, they went for the covered version.  Theresa was so happy about them.  She made comments every time she walked down them. 

015While Derek did some skiing at Happy Valley, I took the other ones skating.  Olivia decided it was much more fun without skates!016017018


019020Derek is still the child most excited about skiing.  He doesn’t do a lot of turning so we keep him on the bunny hill but his attitude is great and he loves doing it.  (More than I can say for the older two!)021022024023025026

Gotta love the kids carnival with insane amounts of people smashed into the lodge for some games, mediocre face painting, 20 minute line for cotton candy and lame prizes.  The kids love it!


Unfortunately, Tony was feeling very sick while we were in Canada.  Fortunately, that meant he was willing to stay in the condo with kids while Garth and I skied.  We got to ski together way more than usual.  On the last day, it snowed 6 more  inches so they opened “the Cliff” a chair that had not been open yet this year.  I have never been on the cliff.  It is a double black diamond because it is crazy steep.  I am not an expert skier, I just try to follow Garth as well as I can without killing myself.  When he saw that the cliff had just opened, and we could make fresh tracks on a run, he talked me into going (I’m still not sure how he convinced me.)

cliffSo we did it.  The pictures, of course, look way less intimidating than in person.  When you get to the top you ski to the edge and the beginning is straight down.  Your skis stick out suspended in the air.  My heart was pounding, but I went for it.  I was not impressive down the hill but I made it and I was pretty proud of myself for trying something that I never thought I would do. . . and I will probably never do it again!


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