Monday, January 23, 2012

Person I Admire #7 (and final)

Julia Frederickson

I’m sure I could go on and on about the people around me that inspire me but I thought I’d wrap it up with one last person.  The final person that I admire is my mother.  Anyone who knows me well, knew this was coming. 

I feel like women are under a lot of pressure to be “super-mom.”  We are expected to be involved in the school, drive our kids to countless practices/games/events, and make sure you are put together all the while.  It seems that we all need to be couponers, bloggers, facebookers, and pinterest watchers.  Don’t forget to be crafty. . . your kids NEED to have amazing birthday cakes, handmade decorations in their rooms, accessories, and scrapbooks documenting every major event in their life.  What I think we have a tendency to forget is that our kids don’t actually care about all that stuff.  They want mom to be aware of them, spend time with them, and love them unconditionally.  This is where my mom excelled.  She was a “super-mom” not because she had or did all the right stuff but because she was completely devoted to her children.  I admire my mother’s patience more than anything.  I can never remember my mother yelling at me or any one of my siblings.  Should I repeat that?  She NEVER yelled at her kids!  She was patient and long-suffering and loving.  My mom was my #1 fan in gymnastics and I think only missed one competition my whole gymnastics career.  She is an amazing teacher as well, she taught us values and principles in the home in a way that made us listen and want to do what she taught.  My mom has always been one of my best friends and confidant.  I remember coming home from high school, sitting on the kitchen counter and talking her ear off as she made dinner.  I talked to her about everything and she was a great listener.  I never understood my friends who hated their moms or spoke badly of them, that was not the kind of relationship I shared with my mother

My mom continues to be a super mom to her grown and married children and super grandma to her eleven grandchildren!  I am so blessed to have such an amazing woman in my life!


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Cami said...

I've always loved to hear stories about you and your Mom... it's a pretty amazing relationship