Monday, February 20, 2012

4 and 32

For the month leading up to Derek’s birthday, we kept asking him what he wanted to do. . .go skiing? go skating? have a party? and he just kept saying “I want to open lots of presents and have chocolate cake.”  We figured if he was going to be that easy to please, why complicate it?  So. . . we opened presents and ate chocolate cake.

 003004 005

He’s excited to use his very own ski goggles from Grandpa John and Grandma Lori.


The kids all love this piano from Grandma Theresa.  014

“I’m not 3 anymore, I’m 4”                                                     That’s what he keeps telling people, even if they don’t ask :)

I also had a birthday in January and had a great time!  It started with a zumbathon that our little school put on.  These are my 2 favorite instructors in Spokane, Amina and Alicia. 010

The PTG officers Lonni, Lisa, Erin, Jessica and myself (sometimes I can’t believe how short I am:)


Then I got to go on an afternoon date with my hubby the day of my birthday (and got the best present ever!). Then the following weekend, my mom, sister and I had our traditional birthday shopping excursion.                                                           


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