Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Whose Kid is This?

I was cleaning out my inbox and saw this email Garth forwarded me from his friend Kreg back in December.  It still makes me laugh so I thought I’d post it for memory sake.



I did not get a chance to talk to you on Sunday, but just wanted to let you know I enjoyed seeing your family at church.

Carter was in my Sunday school class. We were discussing the Christmas story and one of the other boys asked “Why did Mary and Joseph have to pay taxes?” and then I asked “Why do we pay taxes in America?” and then Carter said: “Because Barack Obama spends a trillion dollars; he is the worst president ever. The second worst is Jimmy Carter. I do not like having the same name as that president.”

Got a little look at the political views being discussed at the Hamilton home…..


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Cami said...

That's so funny..I can see those words coming out of Garth's mouth. Looks like kids listen more than we think.