Monday, July 11, 2011

Sad News

I recently found out that my friend Brooke lost her husband. We were friends briefly when we lived on the south hill and they were here for law school. They moved to Yakima so I have run into her a time or two and I get updates occasionally from my brother who lives there.
Mark came home early from their family trip to Utah so he could return to work and died in his sleep of a brain aneurysm. This hit way too close to home for me. They are about our age, with 5 kids about the ages of my kids, healthy, happy, wonderful people. You just don't expect something like this to happen to someone like her. I have had feelings of sadness and an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for my own husband since I found out. I am so grateful for all he does, for the dad he is, for his hard work, his humor, his decisiveness. I think of how heart-breaking it would be if he didn't get to see Livie growing up and saying funny things or if the boys never got to go golfing or on a Home Depot run with their Dad. My heart has been so full this week just thinking about how quickly life can change and how grateful I am for what I have at this moment. I have so many reasons to be happy and I feel so blessed.

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john and amber said...

That is so sad. We have known quite a few people recently going through very tough situations too. It definitely makes you thankful for what you have!

Awww...hoopfest. So many great memories from back in the day! Way to go Carter!