Sunday, July 10, 2011


Believe it or not, Spokane is the host of the world's largest 3 on 3 outdoor basketball tournament. It is quite the event here, they shut down half of downtown and there are basketball hoops lining the streets. It is actually in the Guinness Book of World Records! This year, there were 7,ooo teams and nearly 20,000 participants ranging from a 2nd grader bracket all the way up to the over 60 bracket. Players are guaranteed two to three games on Saturday and if they win, they play Sunday. I didn't want Carter to have to make the tough decision to not play on Sunday so I wasn't going to encourage him to play. However, one of his friends' dad called and said they wanted him to play with him even though they knew it would just be on Saturday. I was glad they included him and that there was no pressure to play Sunday.

The "Giant Killers" (not sure where that name came from or what it means) lost their first game. They hadn't really practiced together and they are new to the half-court rules of play. They did much better and won their second game so they got to play one last game.

The other kids were at Grandma Theresa's house all day but she had plans in the evening so I had to pick them up before the last game. It was fun for Carter to have a cheering section but it was SO hard to have the little ones in that crowd. They estimated 250,000 spectators for the event. Unfortunately, the Giant Killers lost their last game on a last second two-pointer from a kid on the opposing team. Fortunately, that meant they didn't play on Sunday so Carter didn't miss out on anything.

The next day, Carter could barely walk. When we were soaking Carter's feet and he counted 12 blisters (although I think he had a couple of those before hoopfest started) and he announced that he doesn't think he will ever play in hoopfest again.

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You have an adorable family!