Saturday, July 2, 2011

Muscle Confusion

So I am sitting in the office working on the computer and Derek is next door on the living room couch. I hear him grunting and breathing like he is working hard and he is making some sort of attempt at sit-ups. He comes into the office with his head low and a defeated look on his face and I asked him what was wrong. "My nipples aren't bigger," he said. "Your nipples?" I ask. He lifts up his shirt to show me his stomach and says, "I want big nipples like Daddy." Muscles, Derek, you mean muscles.

This little encounter reminded me of a 4 year old Carter on a sunny Spring Day on our way to preschool. A Mead High School P.E. class was running down the road and leading the pack was an African American young man with VERY large muscles and no shirt on. Carter says to me, "mom, when I get bigger I want to look like that guy. . .(then in a suave sort of voice) DARK SKIN, AND BIG MUSCLES!"

Good luck with that Carter.

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