Thursday, July 28, 2011

Picky, picky, picky

For me, one of the best parts of summer are the fresh berries! I took the kids up to Greenbluff on a drizzly day to pick strawberries. I had gotten a flat from Norm and Ele, but we ate so many so quickly that I wanted to get more for jam and for flash freezing. Sydney, Derek and I each grabbed a box and picked until they complained.

This farm only charged 99 cents per pound, but I think they should have counted mine as a few extra pounds. . . the little ones would pick one, then eat a few.

Then we got to pick Norm and Ele's bing cherry tree while they were out of town. Sydney was the best little picker. She loved climbing on the ladder to get the high ones.

Olivia mostly ate them. I have found a few cherry pits in the diapers this week, yuck!

Look at the harvest! We got three flats to leave for Ele then we took home 10 gallon bags for ourselves and our lucky friends and neighbors to share! I feel so lucky to have access to this. On the way home Garth stopped at the store for a couple of things and said that cherries were "on sale" for 2.99 a pound!

They invited us back this week to pick their raspberries as well. Those are my favorite! No pictures that time but we have had raspberry pancakes, raspberries on cereal, raspberries with a little milk and splenda (my favorite!). And I still managed to mash enough for a batch of jam. Mmmm. . .the yummy tastes of summer!

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amber and john said...

Those cherries look delicious! That makes me miss Greenbluff.

I love your fun 4th of July pictures- your kids are getting so big! I can't believe Olivia had her birthday- time flies!