Saturday, July 16, 2011

50th Anniversary

In June, Norm and Ele celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Garth and I worked with his Dad, Step-Mom, Brother and Sister-in-law to throw them a party! The Hamiltons have an annual picnic that used to be held at the farm and for this special occasion, we brought it back. There were over 100 people there that were somehow related or neighbors of Norm and Ele. We had lunch catered by Red Lion then a program. It started with a slide show of pictures that Karyna put together, then I sang the Rooster song (I even played the guitar. . .first time since high school). Then Keith told some funny stories about spending time on the farm. At Grandma's request, Carter sang a solo then the kids and I sang "Grandpa" by the Judds. Garth ended the program with some more memories and thoughts about Norm and Ele. Good times were had by all. Congratulations to Norm and Ele!This is Ele's wedding dress that she made herself!

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