Sunday, September 14, 2008

Summer Pics

Since I am new to blogging, I feel like I missed out sharing some fun things from the summer. I just wanted to share some of my favorite photos of summer 2008.

This is Sydney with her cousin Paige at a big family ski day. They are a little love-hate but I caught them in a good moment.

We got to go to Idaho Falls to see our good friends the Landers. I caught Carter and Genevieve sitting on this bench visiting at the park. I couldn't resist. Do parents still betrothe their children?

Everyone loves Derek'd beautiful blue eyes. It is the first thing people say when they see him. I got this picture at cousin Matti Jo's wedding reception in Monroe, Utah.

Also in Utah, Garth took me on a motorcycle ride from Richfield to Big Rock Candy Mountain. It was my first time on a motorcycle on the freeway. I was a little nervous about the high speeds at first but I got used to it and had a great time. (We did wear our helmets for the ride, we just took them off for the photo.)

We are so proud of Carter! He is officially a water skier. The year started out with tears and drama but by August he was begging to have a turn and would go with no tears. As you can see, I still get in the water with him for comfort. He goes so far now, they have to leave me near the shore or a dock while he skis a few miles. He also managed to cross the wake without falling 3 times this year!

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Natalie said...

Carter is such a cute little skier! He looks like he's a pro. Amber is betrothed, by the way, so I think Carter should definitely hook it up with Gennevieve; she is such an adorable little lady. Sidney and Paige look darling as well and I can't get over Derek's eyes, either. What a cute family you have! I totally admire you for riding on a motorcycle on the freeway...the very thought makes me want to wet my pants in horror.