Thursday, September 11, 2008

Men's Club

This summer, Garth was part of a Men's Club at Qualchan Golf Course. I know it sounds swanky but it's just golf. He and some friends played every Thursday night. They got to be in some tournaments and had a great time. He actually won some cash and some merchandise at the pro shop! I remain a golf virgin (I have never played a round). I think it is good for Garth to have something that gets him out of the house, away from the office, and out with the guys. Spokane has such beautiful public courses. Every time we travel somewhere and he plays golf, he is reminded that it's hard to beat the prices and the beauty of the Spokane courses. Unfortunately, men's club has come to an end for this year. Since the weather is still cooperating, he will get to golf a few more weeks before the clubs must hibernate for the winter.
UPDATE: In the final tournament, Garth and his friends Tim, Kreg, and Matt, won the 2008 Men's club championship. Thank goodness for handicap. Way to go guys!

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Natalie said...

I always knew Garth was the hoity-toity type who golfs with a men's club! Just kidding. That course looks beautiful and makes me want to try to play golf again (yes, even the countless hours of instruction from Clyde Nelson have left my brain and I'm retarded when I try to hit the ball). You should try playing; it's great fun even without skill. You may have to go out with me, though, because it seems like experienced players just can't develop patience for us golf-idiots. :)