Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mother of the Year? I think not.

So today was one of those days where situation after situation reminded me that I'm not even in the running for mother of the year. Here's how it went. I get up, feed the baby, try to convince my kids to eat the same thing for breakfast. I'm not going to make pancakes for Carter and eggs for Sydney. After I get the baby down for a nap, I let my kids watch too much T.V. because I really want to exercise and shower before Kindermusik. I take too long so naturally we are running late. I am frantically packing a lunch and loading the car with the necessities for an afternoon away from the house. On one of my trips inside, Sydney is standing just inside the door and I slam her heel with the door. She is screaming and bleeding. We finally all get in the car and I realize I forgot her backpack. I run back into the house and set the alarm off. I cancel it, grab the backpack and we are on the road. Garth calls from work. He is on the line with the security company; the alarm is going off. I rush back to the house and make sure the alarm is reset (it was, so the detour was unneccesary.) Music class goes fine then I run some errands on the south hill. I talked to my friend about when to trade kids this week and we decide this afternoon would be great. I ditch my kids and do some grocery and birthday shopping. I pick up my kids and head home as we pass by the elementary school at 5:40 I realize CRAP! today is Wednesday and Carter had soccer. I apologize profusely and I make it up to him with a lovely dinner of "leftovers, enjoy" (yes that is a Nacho Libre reference and yes my kids can quote that movie they have seen it so many times.) I clean up dinner and run off to Young Women's to play broom hockey with my Mia Maids. I just got home and kissed my kids goodnight (they were already asleep.) Thank heavens tomorrow is another day!


Natalie said...

Don't you just hate days like that? You should be in the running for mother of the year, because if it were me, I'd have given up after shutting the door on my child. I don't have the patience to deal with blood and screaming simultaneously, so kudos to you! My kids love Nacho Libre, too, and just last night Amber crumbled up her chips and blew them all over the kitchen. I'm glad you will be able to relate. :)

john and amber said...

Hi Kacey! Thanks so much for leaving a comment...I thought this entire time you already had our blog address, from when I sent out an email to all of the family last October when I started our blog. I'm glad you have it now! :) I cannot believe Carter is in kindergarten...your kids are so grown up! And Derek is sooo cute, I had never seen a picture of him before. I'm so happy you have a blog too, so that we can keep up with what your little family is doing. Keep in touch, and tell Garth hi for us too!

amy said...

It's nice to know I'm not the only one with those days. At least I didn't read the part where you took it all out on your husband. Oh wait, that's what I would do.