Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I am a huge fan of Kindermusik! We were first introduced to it when Carter was very young and Theresa Birch (a long time family friend) was just starting to teach. She approached me because she wanted her first "village" class to be full so she could get a feel for the class. He did one semester each of "Village" and "Our Time" with me and loved it! The year before he started preschool, he did a full year of "Imagine That." That is my favorite age group. They learn and grow so much and it is so fun to have a first experience away from mom (even though mom is watching through the window.) Garth is not as huge of a fan as I am. I think he likes the class and what they learn but doesn't care for the tuition! I talked him into letting Sydney do an "Imagine That" class this year since we decided to forego preschool. So far it is a huge hit! She loves Miss Theresa and her new teal backpack. There was no separation anxiety. I think it helped that cousin Paige is in class with her. She walked right in and participated in all of the singing, playing, dancing, and marching that makes up her hour long class. I am really happy she is in it and I look forward to seeing her have fun and grow in Kindermusik.

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