Saturday, March 2, 2013

Basketball x 2

This year we had two basketball players.  Derek’s season started first and they overlapped for a couple of weeks.  And Carter’s just ended. 

Derek’s team was coached by our friend Justin Anderson.  I think bball is so cute at this age.  Derek ran like Fred Flinstone…winding up and running in place before making any forward movement. 

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This year we tried AAU basketball for Carter.  This was the first year that Garth was not the coach.  It was an interesting adjustment for Garth and Carter.  AAU is a lot more competitive (no more equal playing time and trophies for everyone)  Carter started out the year a little slow but finished strong getting lots of playing time and lots of “positives” each game (points, rebounds, steals, assists).

We are not sure if we will continue with the Shockwave next year but it was overall a good experience in AAU.

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With two boys playing, we spent a lot of Saturdays away from home and since we live far from game locations, we did some “time fillers” between games. . .


January 2013 013

January 2013 014

3D movie

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So fun!

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