Monday, March 18, 2013

February Fun

February was full of fun moments it started with a surprise birthday for my sister.  Her friend Annie arranged a super fun evening for her.  She gathered 14 of her friends, brought a babysitter and showed up at her house in a limo.  Kim was super surprised and excited!  The limo took us out to Coeur d’ Alene for dessert at Dewey’s then home.  February 2013 009February 2013 010

Valentine’s day is not a huge deal at our house.  I did come home to flowers from Garth, and of course, we had to do a variation of “heart hair” for school.  (this time it was three hearts)

February 2013 019

February 2013 015February 2013 016

February 2013 014

Garth and I got to go on a date to “Rock of Ages” at the INB performing arts center.  I did some big 80’s hair (although it had fallen some by the time this picture was taken. 

photo (1)

While we were gone, Theresa watched the kids and did all kinds of fun Valentine’s crafts. 

February 2013 011

February 2013 012

February 2013 018

The most fun part of the month was a girl’s trip to Seattle, but that will get it’s own post!

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