Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Girl’s Weekend

A couple of months ago, Garth suggested I arrange a girl’s weekend for myself.  Amazing, I know.  I’m pretty sure he was prepping me for the fact that he is going to go to Nevada for a week long golf tournament, but it really didn’t matter.  I gathered some friends and we decided to go to Seattle to shop and see Cirque du Soleil. 

Jill, Heather and I left on Friday morning and we picked up my sister-in-law Amy up along the way.  We shopped for hours at the Marysville outlets and had so much fun!  The best part was not having to worry about snacks, potty breaks, tantrums, or anything like that.  We went to a yummy Mexican place for dinner,

February 2013 020

then to Heather’s parents’ house.  We had this beautiful place all to ourselves because her parents are on a mission right now.  We watched a chick flick and stayed up WAY past our bedtimes :)

February 2013 021

The next morning, after an “Insanity” workout and a couple of chores for Heather’s parents, it was off for more shopping.  I thought it would be fun to drive Garth’s Tourag, but by the end of the day, it was looking like we needed the Subruban!

February 2013 022

We then headed to Redmond and checked into our hotel. 

February 2013 023

And of course, modeled some of our favorite purchases…love Jill’s hot new high heels!

February 2013 024

Then we were off to dinner and the show.  I saw Cirque once in Vegas but this was a new experience.  “Amaluna” was held in Maymoor park and was held in a huge tent!  I was so surprised!  It gave it more of a circus feel but the show was every bit as amazing as the one in Vegas.  The performers took my breath away!!!  I was in awe at what they could do!

February 2013 025February 2013 030

February 2013 029

This was the stage at intermission.  Not a great picture and then I got reprimanded for taking pictures, oops!

February 2013 026

February 2013 028

Sunday morning, we went to a church right by the temple.  Afterwards, we walked around the temple grounds, took pictures, and delayed the inevitable end to our fun weekend. 

February 2013 031February 2013 032

February 2013 034February 2013 035

February 2013 037




I think this might need to be a new tradition!!!

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