Sunday, February 24, 2013

Visiting Teaching Smoothies

For visiting teaching last month, my partner and I decided to have a “smoothie tasting.”  Both of the ladies we visit have lost significant amounts of weight in the last year and swear by their fruit and veggie smoothies.  Lacie and I wanted to taste them and see if we wanted to make them for ourselves.  Sarah went first.  Hers was spinach, carrot, orange, apple, berries, coconut milk, and hemp protein powder.  (She also brought her viatmix because she knew my 12 year old Target blender wouldn’t do the trick. 

February 2013 001

Here was the taste test. . .

February 2013 002

February 2013 003

I love Lacie’s face in the next three pictures.  She HATED it!  I have to say, it was not very good.  The hemp protein made it taste like I was eating a bucket of weeds. 

February 2013 004

February 2013 005

February 2013 006

Joni went next and hers was much more appetizing to me.  She used kale, carrots, tangerine, strawberries, cranberries, and Emergen-C packet, soy protein powder, water, and a dried date.  Much, much better, in fact I have made this one (with a variety of different fruits I have on hand) for myself and the kids and everyone seems to like it. 

February 2013 007

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