Friday, February 1, 2013

What a pain!

January was a painful month for miss Sydney. 

First she got her ears pierced (a Christmas gift from Grandma Theresa).  She was super brave but made the biggest surprised face when they shot the earrings in. 

January 2013 001

January 2013 002

January 2013 003January 2013 004

Then she had to get 4 teeth pulled.  Her little mouth is so crammed that I’m sure we’ll end up doing some orthodontia but for now, they wanted to get some baby teeth out of the way so the permanent ones will be able to stay straight.   Of course, they couldn’t do them in one appointment so she had to get numbed two different days.  Again, she was so brave and unusually tough and made it through no problem!

February 2013 013

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