Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Vacation and a Life Lesson

The life lesson? Plans Change. We had big plans for our trip to Seattle to see our good friends. On our way there, we found out Justin was sick in the hospital and we considered turning around and going home but decided to make the most of the situation and go with the flow.
We planned on driving straight through to Seattle. . .plans change. We ended up stopped on the freeway for rock blasting (that started literally ONE MINUTE before we got there) so we danced, and played football and posed for pictures while we waited.

Our plan was to stay with our friends, but instead, we got to stay at her parent's beautiful lake place on Lake Goodwin.

The one plan that remained was a trip to Pike Street Market. We shopped around, had a shrimp cocktail,

some oyster shooters (Garth was the only one), and the kids got to pick out their own dinner for Garth to cook that night.

No surprise, Carter chose Dungenous crab!

We did get to see our friends that evening for an amazing sea food spread from Garth and some fun times splashing in the water.

We had not planned on seeing my brother Jordan and his wife Kailee who live close by but our plans changed and they met us for a really fun day at the Woodland Park Zoo.

They also came to the lake place for round 2 of our sea food cuisine and a little dip in the lake.

The trip was so different than we planned but turned out to be a lot of fun and we were glad to be there to support Heather and Justin and their kids while he was getting well.

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