Monday, August 8, 2011


My sister had the chance to go to St. Louis with her hubby for a work-related getaway in July. She shipped her kids off to different places and I got her 3 year old, Payton. I was just the tiniest bit nervous about having an extra kid for a week, especially since Payton has a track record of being a bit mischievous. The week went well, however. The boys played, and played and played together. Their favorite thing to do was ride up the hill past my house then fly down. The first time they chose to do this, they were alone and didn't tell anyone where they were going. I came out to the garage to check on them (where they were supposed to be riding bikes) and about had a heart attack because they were nowhere in sight. I ran across the street to check on the docks, and that's when I saw them and the top of the hill with huge grins on their faces.

I was glad the boys had this chance to get to know each other better. They were amazing together and didn't even fight. If only I could get my own kids to play so nicely with each other!

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