Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Specs

This post is very belated. Perhaps you have noticed the appearance of glasses on Carter's face in some of the more recent posts. This Spring, he failed the eye test at school and we found out he is on the road to being like his mother. He is in the early stages of near sightedness and needed corrective lenses. I wasn't terribly surprised, I had noticed (and been in denial) that he was squinting a lot and asking me to read things that were far away.
After searching many stores in Spokane to find a handsome, yet affordable pair of specs, we found these. . .
They are Converse in a cool blue with yellow on the inside. I was amazed at how much better the selection is for girls. Then I started to feel like he needed a second pair, just in case. I heard about this great website Zenni Optical and got him this second pair of glasses for only $15!!!

So far, we have been impressed at how responsible and careful he has been with his glasses. We were also pleasantly surprised that he feels handsome in them and has not been teased at all for having them. Whew.

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