Monday, December 6, 2010

These are not the records I want to break

Snowiest November ever in Spokane. A whopping 25.9 inches of snow!
Why the adults in this house don't love it . . .
Shoveling, snow blowing, shoveling, snowblowing, etc, etc, etc.
Driving in icy/snowy conditions.
Cancelled school.
Why the kids do. . .
Cancelled school.
Snow maze tag in the back yard.

Sledding and the post-sledding hot cocoa.Okay, Olivia didn't love the sledding.


Kellogg said...

Hey stranger! I love that Garth is out there playing with the kids and you have a cute picture of it.

The Black's said...

oh those are adorable! i miss the snow...we do not get it here so much...but i do not miss driving in it or shoveling it! you guys are such fun parents...would not expect any less :)

Lainey-Paney said...

Oh...and we people down here in Texas are SOOOO jealous!