Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pancakes With Santa

While Garth was skiing. . .I mean working in Canada, we went up the hill to pancakes with Santa. It was a lot like last year. Olivia wanted nothing to do with Santa. She very much prefered to be in the safety of Grandpa Norm's arms.
Derek wanted nothing to do with Santa until he offered him a candy cane, then he was perfectly willing to crawl on up there.
Sydney was adorable and told him all about the zhu-zhu pets she wants for Christmas.
Carter was skeptical and kept trying to get me to tell him that it wasn't really Santa. On the way back to the farm in Norm and Ele's car, his thoughts were confirmed when Ele said that "Frankie is going to be tired out after being Santa all morning." Carter was excited to know the secret that he wasn't the REAL Santa, it was just Grandpa's friend Frank (no wonder he knew all their names!)

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