Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Two days before Christmas break, I got a call. It was Carolyn at the school. Carter fell in P.E. and hurt his arm. She wasn't sure how bad. . .splinted it. . .thinks I should get it checked out.
After two hours in urgent care, it was confirmed that Carter broke his arm. Technically speaking, he got a buckle fracture in his upper wrist. The nurse assured us that if you are going to break a bone, this was a good way to do it (except that it was his right hand and he's right handed). They wanted to wait a few days to cast it but since we were heading to Canada for Christmas with Theresa, they went ahead and did it the next day. Carter chose a lovely blue color despite the doctor trying to convince him that a red and white candy cane cast would be super cool.
We even got done in time for him to head to school for a couple of hours and fill it up with signatures before school was out. He is pretty proud to be the first one in our family to break a bone. I am hoping he is the last!

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