Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holiday Miscellany

This month, Garth got to take Carter and Syd on separate occasions to a Gonzaga Basketball game. When Carter went, he got to do the half-time race where he had to put on a gonzaga uniform and shoes, then try to be the first to make a basket. There are no pictures or video to document because the iPhone was malfunctioning (I think it was really the user that was the problem). He did manage to capture this adorable picture of Syd.I was a little worried about little hands messing with the decorations this year. Olivia loved the tree and did a great job looking without touching. Derek absolutely insisted that the tree lights be on all day every day but also did a great job keeping his hands off the decor. I love the kids all festive for church on Sunday.

The best line of the holidays came from Derek. We were sitting at our church Christmas party and there was a family performing "Angels We Have Heard on High" there were a couple of singers, one on a saxophone, a trombone, and a trumpet. Derek looks at me and in a very inappropriately loud voice says "they're horning mommy!"

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