Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sky High

There’s this fairly new place in Spokane called Sky High that is all trampolines.  I have been wanting to go and thanks to a good Groupon Deal, I got to take all the kids.  I didn’t jump so I could keep my eyes on the little ones, but now I want to go back without them and play :)

Oops, we showed up 45 minutes before they opened.  Luckily Cami had a hacky sack in her car so the kids entertained themselves in the parking lot til it opened. 


Olivia LOVED it!


So did Derek.


Sydney was a tad cautious but still had fun!


The boys loved the dodge ball area.


Olivia was “doing tricks” into the foam pit.  This is the part that I would like to come play in.  Reminds me of my gym days!


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