Sunday, September 9, 2012

New York in two days

I thought my trip to Utah was a quick one. . . Some insurance company took Garth to New York as a reward for selling so much of their insurance last year.  He left early Friday morning and was back Sunday afternoon!

Friday night they went to dinner then Garth did some souvenir shopping alone while the others sought out some less-desirable entertainment.

photo 1 (1)

Saturday they did some sight seeing.                                                Trump Towersphoto 2 (3)

Ground Zero and the 9/11 memorial

photo 4 (2)photo 3 (3)photo 1 (3)photo 5 (2)

Then the real reason for the trip, a game at Yankee Stadium.           

Check out those seats!

photo 5 (3)photo 1 (2)

Garth caught a ball for this cute kid sitting next to him.

photo 2 (4)Garth was super impressed with the stadium.  He was in heaven at the seafood buffet and thought the “snack shack” was great too!photo 3 (4)photo 4 (3)

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