Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Party

My cousin’s wife Jill invited us to her parents’ farm for a little “pumpkin patch party.”  This FARM is a little more like a ZOO.  They raise unusual animals, partly for fun and partly for income.  They have emus, baby calves in their fenced front yard, camels, tons of chickens, turkens, pot-bellied pigs, pigeons, cows, cats, ponies etc.  DSC00843DSC00844DSC00857DSC00847

Second cousins Olivia and Meron.


My kids were all super excited about riding the pony.  Jill led them along and it was a blast. 


Until both my boys decided to do it alone.  The pony was obediently following Jill then for some reason decided to run past her.  Derek was giggling and loving it while Snickers trotted then his face turned to sheer terror as he started to gallop.  It ended in Derek falling off flat on his back, the pony running away and an angry Jill chasing him.  It would have been funny except I think Derek was a little concussed. 


He spent the rest of the party laying on the porch swing or moping in the grass.  The poor guy might be a little traumatized. 






Carter also decided to ride Snickers alone.  He did a couple of rides and handled him really well.  Unfortunately, he decided to ride one more time.  I think Snickers had had it with kids on his back and he was being uncooperative.  Carter pulled on the reins to get him to stop and Snickers dropped his head hard and threw Carter over the front.  He was less hurt than Derek but liked to show off his battle 4 (5)

To finish out the day of fun, they did pig races with some of the baby pot-bellied pigs.  So much fun!


Every farm house needs an electric bucking horse on the front porch :)


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