Sunday, September 16, 2012

Labor Day at Lost Lake

We got to spend Labor Day camping with Norm and Ele.  Apparently, Lost Lake has been a Hamilton favorite for many years but this is the first time we have all gone together.  Garth has memories of going there as a kid so it was a fun trip to take.  We grabbed the group campsite and this was our view from the fire pit!


We spent lots of time shooting rocks with Norm’s slingshots,


paddling around and fishing in Norm’s new canoe,


jumping off the dock,

DSC00793DSC00796DSC00797DSC00798DSC00799and just hanging out at the lake.  DSC00801DSC00795

Saturday we headed to Republic for their fair.  It was kind of just an expensive lunch, but the kids enjoyed seeing the animals. 


The kids laughed and laughed at this sheep.  He was so loud!  Anytime the kids came close or touched him, he bleated and it sounded like a belch.  Too funny!DSC00808DSC00812DSC00804DSC00814DSC00810

S’mores are even better when you cook them on Norm’s custom cookers.  He makes them out of a golf club handle and a fork!DSC00811DSC00803

Norm whittled us all a walking stick so we could hike the big tree trail. 


We all had fun making mustaches from the stuff that falls from the Larch trees. 



We Larch were big, but not what we expected.  They may have overstated their size.  Old. . . yes, big. . . maybe. You can hardly tell the two “big ones” apart from the other ones. 


We had a great weekend and it is definitely somewhere we will visit again!

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