Sunday, November 27, 2011

Freeze Frame

IMG_2579okFor the past 6 months or so, I have wished I could freeze Olivia.  I am enjoying this little girl so much and it saddens me just a little to see her get bigger (not sad enough to have another one though :)

Olivia has a great sense of humor.  She makes me laugh every day.  I love her selectively grown up vocabulary like when we were heading to the lake one day and I asked her if she could see the water and she responded “eet not the water, eet ACTUALLY a lake!” 

When you call her silly or a princess or any other pet name, she will correct you and say in the sweetest but tiniest bit annoyed voice, “No, I’m just Olivia!”


She loves her status as the baby of the family.  I fear she may never leave the comfort of her crib or brave the toilet. I have tried to bribe her to go on the potty with a new big girl bed (I can’t wait to redo the girls’ room and get rid of that old nasty crib and changing table) but she respectfully declines. “It’s okay, I like to sleep in my crib.” 

She has a loud voice!  It’s not obnoxiously loud, just loud enough for the youngest in a loud family of four to be heard.  She does not let you forget about her!

I love this little girl.  She is a special spirit and although I look forward  to having her potty trained and a little more independent, I am soaking up these precious moments.

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