Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bye Bye Birdy

This is Firework.  We didn’t mean to get a rooster, but it happens sometimes.  He was a favorite among the kids because of his beautiful array of colors.  He enjoyed being the boss of the chicken condo and was growing rapidly.  Then one morning, Garth and I awoke to him crowing.  It is fall, so luckily the crowing wasn’t terribly early but we heard in nonetheless.  We tolerated it for a while but he was crowing all day long and we just knew our neighbors were silently hating us. 


One Saturday, I was off in Idaho at a dance clinic with Sydney and Garth decided Firework needed to go.  With the help of Google and some YouTube videos, Garth turned our beloved Firework, into dinner.  Carter couldn’t watch but later helped pluck feathers off of him.  The little two couldn’t stop talking about it (they still tell everyone about it).  I was shocked and Sydney almost cried when we came home and saw what was left of him in the fridge.  Garth made a delicious orange chicken and fried rice dinner and that was the end of our rooster problem!

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john and amber said...

Hilarious. Love the fall update! Your kids are getting so big.

That totally sucks that your computer crashed- it would have been so fun to see you guys! Yes, please email me your current email address, I must have your old one!! My email is