Thursday, September 1, 2011

Summer Fun

Sometimes I look at my summer photos and realize that the majority of them are on the boat or of the kids playing at the lake. Here is some evidence that we occasionally have fun in the summer away from the lake.
The older kids got to go with Garth to the old car show to visit with one of his customers. He was showing these amazing cars and let the kids get in for a "test drive."

I have fun preserving and using the bounties of summer. These were the most amazing blueberry muffins I made after picking 8 pounds of berries one day!

We spend a lot of time at the farm. Norm has let Carter drive the tractor this year and he even takes his siblings for rides around the property.

We had play dates with friends (the Youngs are of course a favorite!)

There was art camp at the Corbin Art Center. This year they did "Crafts from Around the World." My counter looked like this by the end of the week so we took pictures of our favorite projects, saved a couple and tossed the rest.

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