Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Labor Day Chills and Thrills

Labor Day weekend was a chilly one! We were determined to not let the weather ruin our plans. We spent Saturday at Garth's Dad and Grandpa's property on the Pend Oreille River. The kids had fun "fishing" with John and Lori. We didn't have enough poles so Derek got to use this. . .

he hardly noticed the difference.

Sydney mostly just scooped up seaweed with her pole.
Olivia enjoyed her favorite spot. . .Grandpa Norm's lap.

Monday, our friends the Youngs came out to go boating. They were such troopers and braved the cold temperatures! Not only did they come, everyone in their family participated either tubing or skiing, or both! The kids were all thrilled to hop in the hot tub to warm up before we had a BBQ (the parents too!)
Garth made some amazing BBQ chicken that Braunson and Beaudry dubbed the best chicken they have ever had!

Although we will probably ski another time or two, there is something sad about Labor Day weekend knowing that skiing is coming to a close and school life is in full swing.

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