Wednesday, September 22, 2010


A year ago, Sydney's best friend Preslie moved away. I know I have mentioned it before :) A few months later, a new little girl moved into our ward and ended up going to her preschool and they really hit it off. Then they moved to Liberty Lake (a few blocks from Preslie).
A few months ago, this great family moved into our ward from Utah. They had a boy, Josh, in Carter's class, a girl, Grace, in Sydney's class and a little one, Will, in nursery with Derek. I loved their mom too! I was so excited.
Syd and Grace had so much fun this summer playing at each other's houses, at the park, the lake etc. They are so much alike it is crazy.

Perhaps I should have expected this, but they moved back to Utah this month. Poor Sydney. . .every time she makes a good friend out here, they leave us. We will miss the Abeggs but wish them the best in their new adventures!

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