Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Back to School

The day before school started, Sydney and I got to go to school for a Kindergarten orientation. She was so excited at home to pick out a cute outfit, do her hair, etc. but as soon as we got there, the fun was over. She did not want to go in! I was actually really surprised because her teacher this year is Mrs. Hare, who Carter had last year. She knows her and knows how much fun Carter had.
Luckily, that quick visit took away her jitters and she was ready to go for the first day of school!
Carter was thrilled to start second grade. I think he is more excited about seeing his friends every day than he is about school, but what can you expect?
That first step into the bus is a big one. . .she looks so tiny practically doing the splits to get herself into the bus.

I must admit that I followed the bus to school. Carter was told to look out for his sister and help her. Right. He took off with his friends and she was the last one on the bus. The new principal (Carter's old soccer coach) noticed her hesitation and took her by the hand through the front door and she had an escort to her classroom.

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Natalie said...

What cuties! Syd's pink coat is to die for. Do they make those in my size? Is it nice to have two in school? I love having Amber in kindergarten and it's only for three hours each day. Somehow, those three hours make my life so much easier. Think of how much we'll be able to accomplish when our babies are in first grade! :)