Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lesson Learned

Remember this happy kid who got an iPod for his birthday? This is how he looked when he realized said iPod had gone through the washing machine. This was a tough one for me. I felt a little bit responsible since I am the laundry lady in the house but can I really be expected to shove my hands into each and every pair of pants? (eew. . .who knows what I might touch). He knows it is his responsibility to keep track of his stuff and put it away in a safe place. Especially something as important to him as electronics. Still, part of me wanted to run get him a new iPod. Luckily, Garth didn't feel at all guilty or responsible and he told Carter that if he was really that upset, he could count his cash and see if he had enough to get another one. Sure enough, with his recent birthday, he had just the right amount of money. Carter hesitated because it would take ALL of his money but he decided he really missed his iPod and wanted to purchase a new one. So off we went with the superman wallet to Wal-Mart. Carter is thrilled with his new purchase (which is actually better than the original) and I think he learned a valuable lesson.

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