Friday, January 15, 2010


I know that New Year's was so long ago that some of us have already given up on some resolutions, but Garth just sent me these pics of our New Year's Eve get together with our friends the Youngs.
We met Mark and Cami and their 5 amazing kids when we moved up north, and we became very good friends. Cami was one of my primary counselors, we worked out together, we traded kids each week. . .it was an awesome relationship! Then they moved on us! They live about 45 minutes away now, which isn't too far, we just have to be better planners to get together. They are very happy so we are happy for them but we sure miss them.
Recently, Sydney and I met up with Cami and her youngest Preslie (Syd pronounces it Pres-uh-lie) for lunch. When we were headed home Sydney started bawling and I asked her what was the matter. She told me she just missed Preslie so much. I reminded her that Cami is my friend too and I miss her so we will definitely try to see them often. Sydney responded with "Mom you don't understand. You and Cami are friends, but me and Pres-uh-lie are BEST friends."


Natalie said...

"Yeah, mom. You don't get it!" That is too cute! Is Cami Young actually Cami Romero from Idaho Falls? I can't remember, but if so, that's even more cool that you two found each other in WA and that you're great friends. I hope you had a fabulous New Year's Eve and that 2010 is going well for you so far!

wood family said...

I can't believe how big those two girls are!?!?! Yikes....When i think of them i think of them as perpetually like 18 months old becuase that's when I met them! (unless syd is older than preslie) They are too cute though. Glad you still keep in touch with those Young's!

Cami said...

Oh you sweet gal... I should be doing lesson planning for church instead I am reading blogs late at night! I'm so happy to hear your nice words, we miss you too, New Years Eve was fun..come over anytime..hugs