Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas at Home (Neither Big nor White)

We rushed home from Big White in time to go to the Frederickson Christmas Eve celebration at my mom's house. The kids were sporting outfits that Theresa got them for Christmas (somehow I didn't get a picture of Derek in his cute sweater vest). Sydney was in love with her skirt! Theresa actually made it for her and it was gorgeous. She walked around swaying her hips because it had a great flow to it!

This is Syd with Addie and Eliza (second cousins).
And these are all the girls that were there that night. Eight girls from 5 families. It is so fun to have cousins close!

Kim's daughter Brooklyn was supposed to be baby Jesus but she was too busy nursing to care about her big debut so Olivia filled in. I think she was the biggest baby Jesus ever.

Carter and Derek were both Shepherds this year but Derek preferred sitting with Grandpa Doug.

Syd is lucky that out of all those girls, none really care what part they play. I think this was her third year in a row to be Mary.
After the cousins leave, my siblings, parents and I exchange gifts. It is a little chaotic but lots of fun.
Carter was so excited to get this electronic Wheel of Fortune game. It gets played every day at our house. Garth and I even play sometimes when the kids go to bed!
Christmas morning this year was the most relaxed it has been since we have been married. Nobody came over, we didn't go anywhere, we just stayed home and enjoyed opening and playing with new toys. We never even took our pajamas off all day!
Derek loves his new train set. Geo trax are the way to go for this age. Easy to put together, easy to operate, lots of fun.
Santa brought Carter this cool car that can drive on the walls and the ceiling. You point a laser on the wall and the car follows it. I was actually surprised that it really worked!
I won this jersey for him on ebay. He LOVES Jerry Rice. It stems from him playing his dads super old Nintendo that has Super Techmo Bowl with all the players from the early 90's. It is hard to believe Olivia is old enough for this new toy! She is growing up so fast.

Sydney was thrilled to get a couple of Moxie Girls. She has been singing the Moxie girl jingle and asking for them for months!
I must say, Garth and I did well for each other this year. We both managed to surprise each other and get something the other really wanted but was not expecting.

I love my new life jacket and can't wait til ski season to see how it feels in the water (it will go great with the new water ski gloves my mom got me as well.)
Garth ALWAYS figures out what I got him but not this year! He was pleasantly surprised with his new Ray Bans.
What a fun Christmas but I am glad that all the stress and chaos is done.


Heather said...

Looks like a fun and successful Christmas. Carter is sure getting big. We miss you guys!

Kellogg said...

I can't believe it is January! Sounds like you did well-everyone looked happy with their gifts.

john and amber said...

Carter is so tall! I can't believe how fast all your kids are growing up. Sounds like you guys had a really nice Christmas. I love your new life jacket Kace...great job Garth!