Friday, June 12, 2009

Primary Temple Trip

The theme this year in primary is My Eternal Family. So in an attempt to have a primary activity with meaning, instead of just play time, we took the kids to the temple. It was a wonderful activity. They got to go inside the waiting area and a member of the temple presidency talked to them about why we have temples and how our families can be eternal. He had the kids sing a song to him and his wife also. Then we went outside and did a "hunt" for symbols on the temple (angel Moroni, circles, "holiness to the lord") and explained what they mean. We went behind the temple to the pavilion and had some snacks and headed home. I was so grateful for the support I got from everyone in the ward. I felt like it was a successful activity and the kids were so excited the next day in sharing time to tell us all the things they learned about the temple.


amy said...

That is such a great activity! I love the picture, seeing all those kids in front of the temple, very impressive. And it sounds like it made a great impact on the kids. Way to go!

Heather said...

What a great idea! Wish we lived closer to a temple!