Sunday, June 7, 2009

Combo Class Conclusion

Sydney and her best friend Preslie joined a tap/ballet class at Julie's Competitive Edge this spring. It was fun to watch her try something "athletic." She is not fast or aggressive so ballet is a great fit for her right now.Since their class didn't go all year, they won't be part of the big show next weekend. Instead they put on these matching purple tutus and did a cute tap dance for all the parents.
Sydney definitely prefers the ballet part of class. She is so dainty and graceful in her little leotard and shoes. Because of my gymnastics roots, there is not much cuter to me than a little girl in a leotard. I hope she continues but she keeps telling me she wants to try basketball and soccer like Carter. I wonder if she realizes she has to run in those sports?


Natalie said...

I agree with you; little girls in leotards are the absolute cutest. Karli was still in diapers when she started cheer last fall and I loved seeing her tiny, diapered bum in her hot pink zebra 'tard. :) Sydney is so beautiful!

amy said...

Tell her she doesn't get to wear a tu-tu in basketball and soccer, maybe that will change her mind. There is nothing more fun than wearing a tu-tu!