Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Big Day

After 39 weeks of anticipation, tomorrow is the big day!
I feel. . .
Nervous about going in for surgery
Confident in my doctor's ability to perform the surgery
Comforted that my husband has the priesthood and can give me a blessing so I can feel calm tomorrow
Blessed that I have amazing family here that will take care of my other kids
Excited to meet the newest member of our family
Overwhelmed at the responsibility of being a mother of four
Scared about what's coming (sleepless nights, jealous siblings, weight loss)
Thrilled about the joy and happiness this baby will bring into all of our lives now and in the future


Heather said...

Good luck!!! I will be thinking about you and can't wait to see her and hear what you finally decided on for a name!

Brimhall Designs said...

Good luck tomorrow Kacey! We will be praying for you and the safe arrival of your new little girl. Can't wait to see pictures of her!

The Black's said...

So CRAZY! We were at a family reunion this past week and some of Jake's family and us were talking about being pregnant.....then someone said your name....I said What? I told them how we grew up together going to the same ward and everything and we could not believe how small of a world it is.....anyways it is your Bishop! That is my husbands uncle! Small world huh? Sorry such a long comment....just thought i would give you the whole story....crazy!