Monday, April 20, 2009

Things We Hold Dear

Right when I turned 16, I got a job coaching gymnatstics at Spokane Elite (which back then was the best club in Spokane.) I LOVED my job! It combined two things that I really enjoyed and that I was really good at: teaching and gymnastics. This was my favorite group to coach, my Superstars team! They were all very young and totally talented! This picture was taken at our show right before I graduated.
For graduation, Katya Finta and her family (she's the tiny thing in the center) gave me a gymnastics snow globe. Now, I am not much of a collector and usually stuff like this would seem junky to me but I had a very tender place in my heart for this girl and her parents. I took this with me to college and it has been in every house I've lived in since. It most recently graced a shelf in Sydney's pink bedroom.
The other day after church, Syd was supposed to be taking a nap (it was a rough day at church). Out of the blue I hear this screaming and crying from her room. I go in to check on her and I found my snow globe broken all over her floor. She was crying because she thought she was in trouble, not because she was hurt. I was so, so sad to throw it out. Obviously the snow globe wasn't worth anything, it was just a reminder of an amazing little girl and a very fun part of my past.


Natalie said...

Awww, that is too bad! It always breaks my heart when my kids do naughty things and they are so traumatized by the idea of getting in trouble or disappointing me. Sorry about your snowglobe; I'm sentimental that way, too.

amy said...

That's a pretty sad story Kacey. Maybe you could break off the little gymnast and use it as a cake topper for your birthday each year. Good idea huh?

Anonymous said...

Hi Kacey! Its Katya :) This story made me so happy! You were such a great coach and I learned so much from you.I am a Junior in college now at Baylor University and I'm studying to be a Special Education teacher. My family lives in San Antonio, Texas now. I am on the Acrobatics and Tumbling team at Baylor. Its a sport that combines competitive cheer and gymnastics. You gave me so much inspiration and you were such an amazing coach.