Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Break

We had an amazing trip up to Big White Ski Resort for Spring Break. As my friend said, it was more like a "break from spring" up there because it was cold and snowed on us the entire time we were there. No complaints of course! When you are on a ski vacation, isn't that what you want, lots of snow? The constant fall of the white stuff made for amazing ski conditions. Garth got to ski fresh powder three days in a row (totally free too, thanks to a ski pass birthday present from his mom.) Since I was afraid of falling and hurting the baby in my belly, I skied with Carter and Syd one day and just Carter another day. Something clicked between our Christmas trip and this one for Carter. He was like a new kid on the mountain; making turns, being tough, trying hard, and being willing to try something other than the bunny hill. He was so proud that he rode the Snow Ghost lift, did a green run a few times with me, and he even went on his first blue run "Born to Run." I don't know if you can find it on the map but it was a major accomplishment for him. Sydney was also a tough little skier. She did the bunny hill a couple of times then rode the big lift and did a green run to get home to the condo. At one point she fell and was crying. Garth told her she could sit there and cry or she could get up and keep trying. (he said that dripping with sensitivity, I'm sure). She looked at him and said "I'm going to get up and keep trying." And that she did! What a trooper.
I was so excited that I got to take my new snowshoes on the trip. My sister-in-law bought them for me for Christmas and I used them a few times near our house but it was very fun to have company and go on some beautiful trails.

It had snowed a little the night before and it snowed on us the hour and a half we were hiking so we got to make the first tracks in the snow.

The kids love to go sledding at Big White. You rent these tubes and there is a rope tow that pulls you up the hill then a very fun ride down. Syd and Carter went a few times with Garth first but then Derek started getting jealous so he got a ride too. He made no indication if he liked it or not. No screams or smiles, just stares. However, when I tried to take him out of the tube, he was furious so Carter and I took turns just pulling and spinning him around in the tube at the bottom of the hill.
The trip wouldn't be complete without a drive into Kelowna. There is a restaurant there that Garth loves so we made the 45 minute drive so he could indulge in some fantastic all-you-can-eat ribs at Montana's. What a fun beginning to Garth's "birth week" celebration. We sure know how to drag it out!


wood family said...

WOW!! scott would be SOOOO jealous! You are brave to ski while pregnant..I'm a chicken-wuss. Have you put derek on ski's yet?? Scott wanted to take Lane this year, but i protested...:) next year for sure.

john and amber said...

What a FUN trip!! Although I'm so ready for spring weather...the snowy pictures are beautiful.

Heather said...

Looks like you had a good time! Thanks again for the of these times we will get together again. Hope it works out to see you in Spokane in May at my marathon.

Natalie said...

Hooray! That looks so fun, and for some reason, I forgot you were a skier. The drawn-out birthday celebrations are the best, huh? I'm glad you got great snow, great company, and lots of fun. I'm proud of your kiddos for being so tough and brave.