Friday, April 10, 2009

Garthie Turns Thirty

Wow, Garth is 30!
I think he had a pretty fun birthday. It was centered around skiing this year. It started with the previously mentioned snow ski trip in Canada, and ended at home with some gifts to get ready for water ski season. He got new Straight Line gloves from my parents and from the kids and I he got new board shorts, a handle for the ski rope and a summer outfit. Now all we need is some good weather.

I sat down with my kids and asked them what they liked about their dad, and this is what we came up with.
What we love about our Dad. . .
from Carter
1. He plays video games with me
2. He took us to Idaho, Utah, and especially California
3. He watches sports on TV with me
4. He coached my basketball team
5. He signed me up for soccer and T-ball
6. He makes me shrimp (even though he made it too spicy)
7. He took me to Winco
8. He lets me try his bowflex
9. He makes the best big craisin/white chocolate/chocolate cookies
10. He took me to Mobius
11. He showed me funny parts of a naughty movie (Dumb & Dumber)
12. He took me to a Chief's game
13. He taught me how to play golf
14. He takes me snow skiing
15. He takes me on the boat to water ski
16.He gives great baths with too many bubbles
17.He wrestles with me
from Sydney
18. He plays with me
19. He sits by me
20. I like to go on the boat with him
21. He taught me how to snow ski
22. He lets me watch Dora
23. I get to watch basketball with him
24. He went to Disneyland with me
25. He pays for my ballet
26. He does good hair do's
27. He loves me
from Derek (according to Carter and Syd)
28. He feeds me
29. He takes care of me in the hall at church
30. He tickles me like crazy and makes me laugh
Happy 30th Birthday Garth!


john and amber said...

Happy 30th Garth!!!

amy said...

Happy Birthday Garth! Don't hate me, but I thought you were older then 30. It's just because you seem so wise! :) But I loved the kids comments, it just goes to show you that all kids really want is to spend time with you.