Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rainy Easter

The weather in Spokane was less than desirable this Easter. Saturday we decided to brave the rain and go to the Easter egg hunt at the park near our house. I only managed to snap this one shot of Sydney before my batteries died. The hunt started at 11 and we were home by 11:20. Big fun this year!
Carter was quite disappointed in the hunt. They had a silver and a gold egg out there somewhere and the person who found them got a big prize. When the hunt ended and he only had 5 eggs, he was a little deflated. We had a funny conversation about his "strategy" and he told me next year he's going to forget about trying to find the gold and silver eggs and just pick up all the ones he sees. Apparently, he was walking past all the colorful ones until he realized they were almost gone and grabbed the few that were left.

Sunday morning the Easter bunny dropped by with sunglasses and sandals for the boys and a leapster game for Sydney's new leapster.

All matchy-matchy for Easter Sunday (thanks to Grandma Theresa for Derek and Sydney's outfits!)

That evening we had the Hamilton family over for Easter dinner. Sadly, Grandma Ele couldn't make it since she was still recovering from her Tuesday surgery. John and Lori were a big hit with the kids when they showed up with bubbles and LOTS of Peeps. Yum!

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