Sunday, January 25, 2009

"Wii" don't go there

I have come to realize that A LOT of people have Nintendo Wii. I am not a huge fan of video games because I think they are a real time waster. Carter is the kind of kid that if we had them around, that's all he would do all day long. I just don't want to deal with that. Anyway, he was at a play date with a new kindergarten friend the other day and this was our conversation when he got home.

Mom: What did you do that was fun?

Carter: We played his Wii.

Mom: He has a Wii too?

Carter: Everyone has a Wii . . . except us.

Mom: No, not everyone has a Wii.

Carter: Well, maybe not homeless people, but everyone else does!


Heather said...

You can tell him we don't have one either. Although Justin wants one, but already has an xbox360 and spends enough time on that. Elliot isn't really into it or old enough yet. Both sets of grandparents have a wii so that is special when we go there. We've thought about "borrowing" my parents since they don't use it and no one is at home, but I am with you...the tv is enough of a time waster. What happen to playing a card game or monopoly?

Anonymous said...

I dont know what is with boys and viedo games, but Maverick is already obessed with them! I dont have them at my house but that is all he does at Ryan's and then all he talks about when he is at my house. You would think 4yrs old would be to young to know about that stuff-not any more!!