Sunday, January 25, 2009


Today is my 29th birthday! My days of being a twenty-something are numbered. I can remember when 30 seemed so old (isn't that a lyric in a song?) Birthdays are different when you get older. On your "special day," your baby still cries, you still have to wipe butts, and you can't get out of church meetings just because you want to be lazy on your birthday. Oh well. I get to go shopping with my mom and sister next week (between mine and my sister's b-days). It has been a tradition for a few years now and boy is it a good one! No kids, no hubby's, just the girls, the mall, and a good restaurant!


Natalie said...

Happy birthday, my dear friend! I (for some very strange reason) always remember that January 25th is your day, and I thought of you this morning. I'm sorry your kids didn't do you a favor and refrain from producing bodily waste for a mere 24 hours--that would be the best birthday present ever--but I am thrilled that you, Julia, and Kimberly get to go hang out and shop. I hope this new year of your life is the best yet! You seriously rock! :)

john and amber said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KACE!! Have fun shopping this week! :)

Kellogg said...

Hope the shopping cheered you up! Unfortunately we are back in Spokane to the freezing cold and where the sun never shines.