Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy New Year

. . . only 10 days late.

For New Year's Eve this year we went downtown for First Night Spokane. We got a hotel room at the Double Tree (it's connected to the Convention Center where all the kid stuff was, so we didn't have to go outside!). We got to see lots of shows, had pizza in the hotel room, saw more shows, and went out to the pool to watch the fireworks at midnight.

Here is our assessment:

The not-so-good:

An old guy magician
The mimes

The good:

Lots of fun stuff for the kids to make at the convention center, we did necklaces and viking hats.

Eric Herman (a children's song writer). Carter and Syd both got to sing and dance with him on stage and Carter won a CD!

The bubble wrap room.

Bubbillusions (Jarom Watts does some very cool stuff with bubbles). Carter got to be covered by a bubble. (this may have to be our next birthday party)

We also thought ballet arts was good. Sydney has been doing ballet in our living room since she saw them.

The Best:
Brothers from Different Mothers (juggling/comedy). They were amazing and pretty funny too!
The Celtic Dancers and Musicians in the opera house had to be the best show we saw all night. The music was so good and the dancers were a joy to watch.

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Jas & Cam Fam said...

Looks fun! I loved catching up on your blog. It sounds like you have had a busy/fun holiday. We decorated ornaments this year too. I think it will become a new holiday tradtion!