Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Derek is One!

I can hardly believe Derek is one already! Here are his stats:
Height 31 1/4 inches (90th percentile)
Weight 23 lbs 7 oz (50-75th percentile)
Head 47 cm (50-75th percentile)

For his birthday he got some much needed clothes from a few grandparents. Maybe I'm vain but so many of the clothes saved from Carter just aren't cute anymore.

One of his favorite things right now is balls. He laughs so hard when you throw them up or roll them to him.

Hopefully this ride on/push toy will help him learn to walk. We are on a schedule here with a new baby coming. I can't carry him and an infant around!

Sunday we celebrated at our house. I made him his own little cake to eat. I hated to waste a whole cake mix on him so I made some cupcakes for the cousins and put the rest in my pyrex bowl and it made a nice small personal cake for him. It was nothing fancy. I was just looking at my friend's blog and she had pics of these amazing cakes she made for her neice and nephew's birthday. Hopefully my kids won't be too scarred by not getting fancy cakes on their birthdays!

At first he just massaged the cake. I guess he liked the feel of the frosting. Garth quickly stripped his shirt off.
It didn't take long before he was indulging in the cake. Sometimes I wish I could do that, but stuffing your face with cake when you are 28 just isn't as cute or acceptable.

You could hardly see his hands !
What a happy boy! He ate almost the entire cake then Garth swooped him out of the chair and straight to the bath tub.

Happy Birthday Derek!!


Natalie said...

Happy birthday, Derek! He is so darling and I can't believe he's one, either. I love to watch toddlers eat...it's so fun to see how big of a mess they make. I mean, it's fun until we moms get to clean it up. :) As far as I'm concerned, cake is cake and his own little confection looked just perfect!

wood family said...

a year!!?!?! Holy cow! he's so big! when did that happen
that's fun....happy birthday derek!

john and amber said...

Happy Birthday Derek! I can't believe he is already 1...time flies! Fun pics!